The tragic shoot-down on January 8, 2020, of Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 by Iran’s military caused the loss of 176 lives. Obviously, the Iranian Government should firstly be held accountable for this horrific act. However, the airline, Ukrainian Airlines, also bears responsibility. This airline allowed Flight 752 to depart when there were war-time hostilities present in this very area.

Wisner Law firm, together with Stewarts Law in London, represented the families of many of the victims of Malaysia Air Flight 17, another passenger airline which was shot down over Ukraine by separatists forces on July 17, 2014. The law firms obtained compensation for their clients from the airline, based upon the argument that Malaysia Air should not have been operating its flight over this war-torn area.

Ukrainian Airlines apparently did not heed the lessons which should have been learned from the tragedy of MH 17 and now 176 more lives have been lost. Ukrainian Airlines bears responsibility to the families.