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Our aviation law firm is committed to helping its clients achieve their goals of determining the cause of the crash, identifying the responsible parties and holding them accountable.

Press Releases

Lawsuit arising from February 2011 crash of Manx2 Flight 7100 at Cork Airport settles

Wisner Law Firm and Stewarts Law LLP have been successful this week in resolving the US lawsuit brought by families and survivors of the February 2011 crash of a Manx2 airliner at Cork Airport in Ireland. Read More […]

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Germanwings Flight 4U-9525

Wisner Law Firm and Stewarts Law LLP have been joined by KA Legal S.L. and Zuhorn & Partner to assist families who lost a loved one onboard Germanwings Flight 4U-9525. Floyd A. Wisner, founder of Wisner Law Firm, has previously been involved in two cases where pilot suicide was suspected to be the primary cause of the accident, Egypt Air […]

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Dynamic Airways Flight 405

On October 29, 2015, an engine on Dynamics Airways flight 405 bound from Florida’s Ft Lauderdale Airport to Caracas, Venezuela with 101 passengers and crew on board caught fire, causing serious physical injuries to some passengers and psychological injuries to all those on board. Read More […]

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British Airways Flight 2276 passengers bring law suit in Illinois court

Wisner Law Firm of Geneva, Illinois, in association with Stewarts Law of London, has brought a law suit in Chicago against Boeing and General Electric on behalf of 65 passengers who suffered injury when a British Airways Boeing 777 suffered an uncontained catastrophic engine failure and fire on take-off at Las Vegas in September 2015. The lawsuit was filed in […]

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Wisner Law Firm partners with Stewarts Law to Investigate the Emergency Evacuation of British Airways Flight 2276

A Boeing 777-236 operating as British Airways Flight BA2276 caught fire at McCarron International Airport (Las Vegas) on September 8, 2015 shortly after the flight crew reported a left engine failure. After initiating take-off procedures, one of the pilots had declared MAYDAY and requested fire services on the runway. Take-off was aborted and a fire developed causing the pilots to order […]

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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17

The first anniversary of the destruction of Flight MH17 and loss of all 298 passengers and crew fast approaches. The international safety and criminal investigations continue. The diplomatic community seem to be struggling with delivering some of the promises of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2166. Article 11 of that resolution is clear enough, in that it “Demands that those […]

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