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Press Releases

Leading aviation lawyer sends condolences to families of Lion Air 610 as mechanical failure likelihood grows

As speculation increases that Lion Air Flight 610 suffered a major mechanical failure, one of the world’s leading aviation lawyers who has worked with victims and their families of previous Indonesian air disasters has sent his condolences to families of those on this flight. Floyd Wisner of Wisner Law Firm in the USA said he was “deeply saddened to learn of […]

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In Flight Engine Fire on Boeing 737: SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK-1049

A Boeing 737-600 experienced a reported engine failure and fire while operating SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK-1049 from Kiruna to Stockholm, Sweden. Passengers reported the CFM56 engine emitted a loud bang followed by streaks of flame. The flight was diverted to Lulea approximately 20 minutes later. Read More […]

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Wisner Law Firm Filed Lawsuit Aeromexico 2431

On July 31, 2018, Aeromexico Connect Flight 2431 crashed after an attempted take-off from Durango International Airport in Mexico. Video from one of the 103 persons on board shows the Embraer aircraft taking off in harsh weather. Shortly after take-off, the aircraft crashed into the ground, veered off the runway, and caught fire. Fortunately, all persons on board evacuated the […]

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Southwest has a history of engine problems, but they’re not the only airline with this issue

On April 17, 2018, a Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 with 149 passengers and crew on board bound for Dallas from New York had an uncontained engine failure shortly after take-off requiring the Boeing 737 to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia. As it flew 32,000the engine had an uncontained engine failure sending shrapnel into the aircraft cabin. A woman was […]

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Horrowing Videos Of In-flight Engine Problems On Boeing Aircrafts

On February 27, 2018, Southwest Airlines Flight 604 bound for Los Angeles from Salt Lake City experienced a fire in the right engine shortly after take-off. Video taken of the flight from the ground shows the blazing fire in the distance. The Boeing 737 immediately returned to the airport for emergency landing. The 110 passengers on board were evacuated utilizing […]

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NTSB Holds Probable Cause Hearing on AA383 Uncontained Engine Failure and Fire

On January 30, 2018, the NTSB held a probable cause hearing concerning the October 2016 uncontained engine failure and fire on the Boeing 767 operated by American Airlines as Flight 383. The NTSB board was presented with the findings of the investigation and adopted numerous probable causes and safety recommendations. Read More […]

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