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Press Releases

Turkey Crash of Pegasus Air Flight 2193 Bears Similarities to Prior Air Crashes on Landing

On February 5, 2020, Pegasus Air Flight 2193 crashed upon landing at Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen airport after a flight from Izmir, Turkey. The aircraft reportedly skidded and overran the runway, breaking apart. Three passengers were killed and over 170 were injured. This crash occurred in heavy rain and winds and investigators naturally will first focus on the pilots’ operation […]

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Another Fatal Tour Helicopter Crash

On December 26, 2019, seven more people, including three children, lost their lives in a tour helicopter crash. This crash occurred on the Na Pali Coast of Kauai, Hawaii. All six passengers and the pilot were killed. The tour helicopter was an Airbus A350 BA operated by Safari Helicopters. The Safari Helicopter crash was the 10th tour helicopter crash in Hawaii […]

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Downed Ukrainian Airliner Should not Have Departed Tehran, says Prominent Aviation lawyer

While the Iranian Government should be held accountable for shooting down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 on January 8, the airline also bears responsibility, according to one of the world’s leading aviation lawyers who has represented passengers and families of every major air disaster over the past three decades. Floyd Wisner, of Chicago-based Wisner Law Firm, says it was an irresponsible […]

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Aviation Lawyer Calls for Greater Regulation of Helicopter Tours After Fatal Hawaii Crash

One of the world’s leading aviation lawyers says a recent warning by US Congressman Ed Case declaring “tour helicopters are not safe”, should be heeded because, “the frequency of fatal tour helicopter crashes is alarming.” Floyd Wisner of Chicago-based Wisner Law Firm said the crash of an Airbus A350 BA tour helicopter operated by Safari Helicopters in Hawaii on December 26 […]

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Ukrainian Airlines Bears Some Responsibility for the Shoot-down of Flight 752

The tragic shoot-down on January 8, 2020, of Ukrainian Airlines Flight 752 by Iran’s military caused the loss of 176 lives. Obviously, the Iranian Government should firstly be held accountable for this horrific act. However, the airline, Ukrainian Airlines, also bears responsibility. This airline allowed Flight 752 to depart when there were war-time hostilities present in this very area. Wisner Law […]

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Delta Flight 2353 Passengers May Have Psychological Injuries

Those onboard Delta flight 2353 from Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale on Sept. 19, 2019 may have suffered serious psychological injuries as the result of the rapid descent of the Boeing 767 aircraft of 30,000 feet in under 8 minutes, as the possible result of depressurization issues. Thankfully, it appears no one suffered serious physical injuries, but the psychological injuries resulting […]

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