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Have You Been Involved in an Aircraft Crash or Incident?

Contact an Aviation attorney! We fight for those who have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one in an airplane disaster or crash. Our clients receive the personal, hands-on attention to which they are entitled.

Practice Areas of Aviation Litigation

Wisner Law Firm and its aviation attorneys practice exclusively in the area of aviation law. Aviation litigation refers to the pursuit of the cause of actions relating to an accident or incident involving an aircraft. If you or a loved one have been involved in an aviation disaster or accident, it’s important that you contact us right away. Our aviation law attorneys specialize in wrongful death and personal injury actions arising from aviation disasters that have occurred both domestic and abroad. There are various types of accidents or situations that may result in an aviation law case. Instances that give rise to aviation litigation cases include:

  • Commercial jet airline crashes
  • Cargo aircraft crashes
  • Private small engine aircraft crashes
  • Helicopter crashes
  • Accidents occurring in flight or on approach due to mechanical malfunctions
  • A personal injury sustained on board or while embarking or disembarking from an international flight

Typically, these cause of actions are based on products’ liability and negligence theories. If any of these aviation litigation areas apply to your current situation, you’ll want to be sure you have the right representation for your case. Our aviation law clients include survivors, crew members, and family members of victims of aviation disasters. Please visit our “Litigation Experience” page for details of some of the specific aviation law cases our attorneys have handled. Contact a lawyer if you have questions or concerns about aviation law.

Aviation Law Attorneys

Floyd A. Wisner

The founder of Wisner Law Firm, Floyd A. Wisner, is approaching his 37th year in the practice of law. He is a veteran skilled litigator who has successfully represented clients in virtually every air crash over the last two decades.


Alexandra M. Wisner

Alexandra Wisner joined the firm full-time after taking the Illinois Bar Exam in July 2014. She had worked at Wisner Law Firm as a law clerk while pursuing her undergraduate degree and her Juris Doctor.