As speculation increases that Lion Air Flight 610 suffered a major mechanical failure, one of the world’s leading aviation lawyers who has worked with victims and their families of previous Indonesian air disasters has sent his condolences to families of those on this flight.

Floyd Wisner of Wisner Law Firm in the USA said he was “deeply saddened to learn of the crash of another Indonesian airliner, Lion Air flight 610 near Jakarta.”

“Our sympathy and prayers are with the families of the passengers and crew,” he added.

Mr. Wisner said while it is too early to determine the cause of the crash, the investigation surely will consider a mechanical failure of the Boeing 737 aircraft, given that the aircraft was only in operation for a few months and both the pilot and co-pilot were very experienced.

Media reports today reveal the airline made erratic altitude changes before it plunged into the sea, while other reports claim preliminary data shows the plane dropping at more than 9400 meters per minute, almost 20 times the normal rate of descent.

“This information, added to reports of previous technical difficulties in the days prior, will surely be in the minds of investigators,” Mr. Wisner said.

He also recommended that families of those who were tragically killed follow the investigation closely and monitor the Facebook page set up for information –

“If the outcome is a failure of instruments or engines, the families of all on board will want not only answers but compensation.”

Wisner Law Firm has successfully represented victims of crashes of Lion Air and other Indonesian airlines, including matters involving Boeing aircraft, in numerous actions over the past two decades.

These cases include Garuda 152 – the deadliest crash in Indonesian aviation history – in 1997, the Silk Air crash in 1997 at Palembang, Adam Air flight 574 in 2007, Garuda flight 200 in 2007, Adam Air flight 292 in 2008 in Batan, the Sukhoi demonstration flight in 2012 and Air Asia 8501 in 2014.