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Have You Been Involved in an Airplane Disaster or Crash?

Our aviation law firm is committed to helping its clients achieve their goals of determining the cause of the crash, identifying the responsible parties and holding them accountable.

Boeing CEO Ousted

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Missing in the law, the case of the ex-head of Toretskaya and shooting of military civilians

Parliament is considering a bill that will regulate the status of missing persons and their relatives. In the program “Gromadskoe.Shid” at 21:00 we talk about the essence of the document and one of the families that are still waiting for the soldier home.

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Lawyer Alexander Wisner: “We have no doubts about the guilt of Igor Girkin”

The federal court of the Northern District Court of Illinois decided to recover $ 400 million from the former defense minister of the self-proclaimed Donetsk republic, Igor Girkin (Strelkov), in favor of the relatives of the victims of the Boeing crash of Malaysia’s MN-17 planes shot down in Ukraine in July 2014.

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NTSB releases cause of 2016 jet engine fire at O’Hare

The National Transportation Safety Board has released a probable cause for the engine fire that forced an American Airlines jet to abort takeoff at O’Hare in 2016.

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NTSB Says Investigation Into American Airlines Plane Fire at O’Hare Airport Could Take Months

The National Transportation Safety Board says it will likely be months before a formal cause is established for Friday’s incident involving an engine explosion on an American Airlines 767 at O’Hare.

The aircraft suffered what is termed an “uncontained engine failure” as it had just begun its takeoff roll for a flight to Miami. A total of 161 passengers and 9 crew members were safely evacuated during the ensuing fire.

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How Serious Was The American Airlines Plane Fire At O’Hare?

The fire on an American Airlines plane at O’Hare International Airport Friday was frightening for passengers, but how serious was it? And what steps do airlines take to make sure you’re safe?

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot takes a look.

There’s smoke as fire consumes an American Airlines plane on an O’Hare runway Friday. The cause? Uncontained engine failure. A disc inside the plane’s right engine failed, sending engine parts flying nearly 3,000 feet away.

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Investigators Look at Engine in O’Hare Plane Fire

Aviation investigators continue to take a closer look at the engine that caught fire on an American Airlines jet at O’Hare International Airport on Friday.

The National Transportation & Safety Board has determined that a disk in the engine turbine failed. NTSB investigators have been in Chicago all weekend trying to figure out why the plane experienced uncontained engine failure, which means parts of the engine exploded in different directions.

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Exclusive Photos Show Charred Damage from O’Hare Plane Fire

Dramatic photos obtained exclusively by the I-Team of Friday’s plane fire at O’Hare International Airport show that the damage and danger was far more serious than it first appeared.

Floyd Wisner on the future of EgyptAir

For more on the future of EgyptAir and its future, CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke to Floyd Wisner, founder of Wisner Law Firm.

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Time Release – Final Release

Malaysian Catastrophe “Boening”: a year later – closer to the definition of the perpetrators. The tragedy in Omsk: investigating Fund to fight corruption.


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Background Briefing with Ian Masters

On the one-year anniversary of the downing of the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 by a Russian missile over disputed Ukrainian territory that killed all 298 aboard the civilian airliner, we speak with Floyd Wisner, the Principal of Wisner Law Firm.


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Lawyer: Flight 370 families deserve compensation

Crews have been searching for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 for 37 days, scouring the Indian Ocean for any signs of the black box or wreckage.


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Lufthansa could face massive compensation payout for Germanwings crash

Revelations that Lufthansa knew that Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz was severely depressed could make the airline liable for hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation claims.


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Anonymous friend of Flight 370 pilot said he was in a bad mental state

Anonymous friend of Flight 370 pilot said he was in a bad mental state. Senator Harry Reid caught misappropriating campaign funds. New haircuts mandated for North Korean men. Tiger that mauled Roy passed away. Guest: Floyd Wisner, Aviation Attorney – Floyd discusses the lawsuit filed by a Chicago law firm against Boeing for Flight 370. Newswire with Will Richard.

Flight 370 updates

Guest: Mike Baker, CIA Covert Operations Officer – Mike discusses the shadow of a Boeing 777 Singapore Airlines flight path, the mechanical failure scenario. Andy takes calls. Guest: Floyd Wisner, Aviation Attorney – Floyd discusses why he thinks this is the most poorly handled investigation ever, the compensation process to victims families, life insurance claims, over a $500 million settlement for the Malaysian Airlines flight, the mechanical failure scenario. Andy takes calls.

Hope fades: Objects spotted not from missing flight QZ8501

An object spotted during a sea search for an AirAsia plane was not from the aircraft, Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla says.

Aviation attorney on Malaysia Airlines issue

Floyd Wisner, an aviation attorney with the Wisner Law Firm, joined Biz Asia America to discuss the troubles that Malaysia Airlines faces after the crash in Ukraine.

Wisner on Flight 370 Family Member Compensation

To discuss the legal background of potential compensation claims for lost family members on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, anchor Phillip Yin is joined by Floyd Wisner, Aviation Attorney with the Wisner Law Firm.

What can the courts do about Flight 17?

The families of the 298 people lost in the Malaysia Airlines crash are dealing with the immediate shock and grief of the tragedy.

American Families Stand to Receive Millions

CNN’s Max Foster speaks with attorney Floyd Wisner about compensating families of air disaster victims.

Aviation guest Floyd Wisner on MH17

Aviation attorney Floyd Wisner joins CCTV America on the MH17 tragedy. Wisner focuses on aviation law to determine whether the shooting of MH17 is deemed an act of war, and whether the airline is liable to the families.

Wisner on MH370 Compensation

Floyd Wisner, an aviation attorney and principal of Wisner Law Firm, joins Phillip Yin to discuss the complexities of compensating the families of disaster victims.

What Legal Rights do Flight 370 Families Have?

The families of those lost on Malaysia Airlines 370 now must navigate the complicated legal systems to get compensation for the loss of their loved ones. Today Malaysia Airlines offered the families $5000 for initial hardships. HLN Now: On the Case’s Vinnie Politan and aviation attorney Floyd Wisner discussed what’s ahead for the grieving families.

Gugatan terhadap Boeing dari Keluarga Korban Lion Air JT-610 Bertambah

Sejumlah keluarga korban kecelakaan pesawat Lion Air JT 610 menggugat perusahaan dirgantara Boeing ke pengadilan Amerika. Mereka menggugat Boeing karena dianggap lalai, pesawat produksinya berpotensi membahayakan keselamatan penumpang, menyebabkan para penggugat kehilangan anggota keluarga mereka.