In Flight Engine Fire on Boeing 737: SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK-1049

September 28, 2018

Boeing 737A Boeing 737-600 experienced a reported engine failure and fire while operating SAS Scandinavian Airlines Flight SK-1049 from Kiruna to Stockholm, Sweden. Passengers reported the CFM56 engine emitted a loud bang followed by streaks of flame. The flight was diverted to Lulea approximately 20 minutes later.

CFM International is a joint venture between Safran Aircraft Engines in France and GE Aviation of the United States.
Wisner Law Firm has obtained favorable compensation from GE and Boeing for over 100 passengers who were on flights that experienced engine fires. Passengers seeking compensation should contact Wisner Law Firm through; by contacting Floyd Wisner or Alexandra Wisner; or by telephone: (630) 262-9434.