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Have You Been Involved in an Aircraft Accident or Incident?

Contact an Aviation attorney! Our attorneys specialize in wrongful death and personal injury actions arising from aviation disasters that have occurred both domestic and abroad.

Wisner Law Firm’s aviation attorneys fights for those who have been injured or suffered the loss of a loved one in an airplane disaster or crash. Our aviation law firm is committed to helping its clients achieve their goals of determining the cause of the crash, identifying the responsible parties and holding them accountable, obtaining the payment of fair and just compensation, promoting air safety and effecting change so that such tragedies do not recur.

Wisner Law Firm’s aviation attorneys aggressively advocate for their clients in commercial, charter, cargo and general aviation cases. Our aviation attorneys serve clients in cases arising from airplane disasters around the globe.

Our aviation attorneys are always updated on the latest incidents and regulations in the aviation law field to ensure optimal solutions for victims. With the assistance of its team of accident reconstruction, pilot, engineering and other experts, Wisner Law Firm and its aviation attorneys investigates and determines the probable cause of the accident, formulates a legal strategy, and vigorously pursues all responsible parties, including the airline operator and aircraft and component part manufacturers, including the Boeing Corporation located in Chicago, Illinois.

The clients of Wisner Law Firm receive the personal, hands-on attention to which they are entitled from our aviation attorneys. Telephone calls are promptly returned; letters and e-mails are immediately answered; and aviation law clients are kept advised as to the progress of their aviation litigation cases through regular reports. In providing its clients with the highest quality legal representation in this extremely specialized area, Wisner Law Firm’s aviation lawyers never forget the terrible loss which brought their clients to the firm.

Contact our team of aviation attorneys with questions or concerns about aviation law. Our Chicago based aviation law firm provides aviation litigation support throughout the United States and abroad.

Aviation Law Attorneys

Floyd A. Wisner

The founder of Wisner Law Firm, Floyd A. Wisner, is approaching his 37th year in the practice of law. He is a veteran skilled litigator who has successfully represented clients in virtually every air crash over the last two decades.


Alexandra M. Wisner

Alexandra Wisner joined the firm full-time after taking the Illinois Bar Exam in July 2014. She had worked at Wisner Law Firm as a law clerk while pursuing her undergraduate degree and her Juris Doctor.