United Flight 1516 Passengers May Have Claim

United passengers may have legal claim after terrifying engine overheat experience

Leading aviation attorney Floyd Wisner of Chicago-based Wisner Law Firm says passengers on United Airlines Flight 1516 from Costa Rica to Houston have a right to seek compensation from the aircraft and engine manufacturers Boeing and CFM, after an engine reportedly overheated on Tuesday.

Passengers on the flight were left fearing for their lives with one being quoted in the Houston Chronicle as saying, “We all thought we were going to crash. We all thought we were going to die.”

Mr. Wisner said the airline’s reported compensation offer of a night’s accommodation and a $10 dinner voucher was insulting and attention should be directed towards Boeing and CFM.

The attorney, who has decades of experience in aviation incidents, including recently representing passengers of British Airways Flight 2276 and American Airlines Flight 383 who evacuated the Boeing aircrafts following engine explosions, explained that the long-term emotional and physical effect on passengers should not be underestimated.

“Many will incur considerable costs to help them overcome this traumatic experience and history tells us that some may be too scared to ever fly again.”

He said seeking financial compensation was a right of any passenger, particularly if a fault in the engine was found to be the cause. 

Wisner Law Firm will update passengers on any legal recourse available to them, on its website – www.wisner-law.com.