Air Asia 12/29

Wisner Law Firm is saddened to learn of the disappearance of another commercial airliner in the Asia Pacific region. The Firm is representing families of passengers of Malaysia Air Flight 370 (as well as Malaysia Air Flight 17) and the apparent loss of another aircraft in this area is indeed upsetting. The Firm expresses its condolences to the families of the passengers and crew of the Air Asia flight.

Hopefully, the investigators will soon locate the aircraft and begin the process of determining what caused the apparent loss of this aircraft. As this was an international flight, the responsibility of Air Asia will be governed by an international treaty, the Montreal Convention, which virtually makes the airline absolutely liable. However, Wisner Law Firm is confident the investigators also will closely analyze a possible mechanical failure in this Airbus aircraft.

Wisner Law Firm represented, and continues to represent, over 180 passengers and crew of Qantas flight 72 on board an Airbus aircraft en route from Singapore to Perth, Western Australia. A computer malfunction on the Airbus aircraft caused the aircraft to go into two separate dives.

Wisner Law Firm and its colleagues also represented families of victims of the crash of an Air France Airbus aircraft into the Atlantic Ocean. We contended that this crash was caused, at least in part, by defects in the “fly-by-wire” technology of the Airbus aircraft.

Wisner Law Firm has many friends and clients in this area, having represented families of victims of the crashes of Garuda 152, Silk Air 185, Garuda 200, Garuda 421, Lion Air JT 904, Lion Air JT 53, Adam Air KI 574, Adam Air KI 292, and the Sukhoi crash. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Air Asia families.